Immerse yourself into a breathtaking experience
that brings a sacred Parisian monument to life
Immerse yourself into a breathtaking experience
that brings a sacred Parisian monument to life
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  • 360-degree
  • In a historical
  • A 3D sound

Luminiscence in Paris

Art and technology in the service of heritage

Over 180,000 spectators have already enjoyed the LUMINISCENCE experience. You too can step through the doors of Saint-Eustache church and immerse yourself in the legend! Experience for the first time a show that combines an immersive theatrical journey, 360-degree video mapping, spatialized 3D music, and light projections in one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Paris. The show enhances the Saint-Eustache church, delicately revealing every architectural detail, from its imposing base to the top of its structure rising over 30 meters high.

Rooted in Paris since the 16th century, in the heart of the historic district of Les Halles, this architectural marvel rivals Notre Dame de Paris with its extraordinary dimensions. Its unusual architecture, a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles, unfolds in all its splendor, bearing witness to four centuries of history and innovation. Each projected image is a doorway to the past, a luminous tribute to art and history, an awakening of the senses to the grandeur of a bygone era.

Art and technology in the service of heritage
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“Disconcerting and unforgettable!”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“Powerful, in every way.”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“Breathtaking video projections awaken the sleeping soul of this architectural marvel.”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“A beautiful journey through time and light.”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“Saint-Eustache, which celebrates its 800th anniversary in 2024, including the Luminiscence sound and light festival,is a blessing for creativity in all its forms.”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“The show brings out the full richness of the building.”
 - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache
“A beautiful journey through time and light.”


The stroll


The Saint-Eustache church is deeply embedded in the history of Paris and, beyond that, in the history of France. It has been the stage for key moments in the lives of great figures, men and women, who celebrated both joyous and tragic events within its walls. Embark on a journey to meet illustrious characters who have shaped its legend: Molière, baptized there; Louis XIV's composer, Lully, who celebrated his marriage there; Moreau-Desproux, the kings' architect; the Queen of Hungary, a prominent merchant of Les Halles; the Duchess of Orléans, whose husband laid the first stone of the facade.

With these ghostly, humorous, mad, or tragic characters, immerse yourself in an enchanting mise-en-scène and admire the magnificence of this architectural masterpiece. The scenes will unfold in the beautiful chapels of the Saint-Eustache Church, showcasing the talent and creativity of those who contributed to making this place a true artistic sanctuary. Approach and admire the sacred treasures of classical art, with works by Rubens, Baltard, and Pigalle, coexisting with masterpieces by contemporary artists such as Keith Haring, John Armleder, or Raymond Mason. Experience a unique and unusual journey in a grandiose monument at the heart of Paris.

Artistic realization: Emersiøn Company

Luminiscence - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache


Let yourself be transported by the voice of the guardian spirit of these sacred places for 800 years. Live a journey out of time. Immerse yourself in a 360-degree experience, where video, sound, and light come together to reveal the secrets of the nave, vaults, and choir, revealing the hidden treasures of this architectural gem up to 30 meters high.

Act 1 : Architecture and construction

Through the prism of the great builders, from the sketch of the first architectural sketches to the meticulous installation of the stained glass windows, this section reveals the secrets of the construction process.

Act 2 : Stained glass and light games

As the sun's rays refract through the stained glass windows, the beams of light from the sun continuously transform the perception of the building, in a majestic light ballet that evolves from dawn to dusk.

Act 3 : Acoustics and music through the ages

Through the ages, from the bewitching melodies of the Middle Ages to the refined compositions of the Renaissance to the contemporary harmonies, this part of the show brings a spiritual depth to the experience amplified by the exceptional acoustics of the place.

Act 4 : Universe and cosmos

As the light travels through space, it propels us to the far reaches of the universe, this act of the experience offers a weightless exploration, a plunge into the infinite in search of the cosmos and the stars.

Luminiscence - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache

New version of the show


    From May 25, Luminiscence invites you to an exceptional musical experience designed to magnify the Church of Saint-Eustache. In this new version entitled “Live Music: Choir & Organ”, the celestial songs of a choir merge with the power of the great organ to accompany the Luminiscence orchestra recorded in the famous Guillaume Tell studio (brass quintet, string quartet, harp and percussion). Immerse yourself in a musical journey through time, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque and the Renaissance, with rearranged compositions of works by great masters such as Vivaldi, Bach, Fauré, Handel and Lully. Let yourself be transported by the harmonies of a group of over 20 choristers, accompanied by the titular organists of Saint-Eustache: Thomas Ospital, Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard and Francois Olivier. Together, they will reveal the rich acoustics of one of France's most beautiful churches.
     - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache


Narration of the show - Augustin Jacob / Immersive theatrical journey - Artistic direction: Léonard Matton. Artistic collaboration: Aurélie Gendera, assisted by Jean-Baptiste Barbier-Arribe. With, alternating: The architect Pierre-Louis Moreau-Desproux & The guardian spirit: Dylan Perrot, Tanguy Vrignault. The Duchess of Orléans: Maïa Guéritte, Marjorie de Larquier. The Queen of Hungary: Valérie Français, Rita Tchenko. Lully: Maxime Bailleul, Xavier Girard. Molière: Stéphane Mercoyrol, Frédéric Rose. Production manager: Mathilde Gamon.


  • Marlène L.

    A magnificent, incredibly poetic show. The already beautiful church of Saint Eustache is sublimated by the lighting effects and soundtrack. We only wish it could have lasted longer.

  • Caroline C.

    An incredible, magical show, a journey through the history of Saint Eustache in sound and light.

  • Marie B.

    "Incredible" was the adjective I uttered right from the start. It was an incredibly sumptuous experience! Impossible to describe in words, it has to be lived and felt. I'd like to thank everyone who worked to make this possible.

  • Christina W.

    French and Parisian by adoption, I was delighted to discover the history of the church of Saint Eustache in this way, it was beautiful, very, very beautiful.

  • Timothée F.

    Superb, timeless sound and light show with a magnificent account of the history of the church and the Halles district.

  • Rolland G.

    It's a moment out of time, almost too short for our eyes.

  • Marc D.

    What a job to put on such a beautiful show with such extraordinary fluidity!

  • Lorene D.

    The lighting is incredibly beautiful, the music very moving, everything is sublime! And the narrator's voice... a marvel!

  • Lucie M.

    A moment suspended in time.

Practical information

  1. Duration: 60 minutes (immersive theater + seated show in the nave).
  2. Location: Saint-Eustache Church, 2 Rue du Jour, Châtelet-les-Halles, 75001 Paris.
  3. Age requirement: 4 years and over
  4. Tickets: Online booking is recommended and guarantees entry. However, it is possible to buy a ticket on site on the day of the performance, subject to availability.
  5. Prices: Starting at €14
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The location

Saint-Eustache Church

History: Built by François I as the equivalent of Notre-Dame on the right bank of the Seine, the construction of Saint-Eustache Church took over a hundred years. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, Charles David, Jean Hardouin Mansart de Jouy, Pierre-Louis Moreau-Desproux, and Victor Baltard were the architects of its portico, its ancillary buildings, and its first restorations. Saint-Eustache Church was frequented by both the people of Les Halles (marketplace) - merchants and artisans - and by key figures in French history. Molière and Richelieu were baptized there, Louis XIV made his first communion there, Lully and Sully were married there, while Mozart's mother, La Fontaine, and Colbert are buried there.
Address: 2 Rue du Jour, 75001 Paris.
How to get there:
  • Metro:
    • Lines 1, 4, 7, 11, 14 (station Châtelet)
  • RER:
    • Lines A, B and D (station Châtelet - Les Halles).
  • Bus:
    • Lines 29, 38, 47, 58, 67, 69, 74, 76, 81, 85 (station Châtelet)
How to get there

Support the restoration of the saint-eustache organs

Our commitment

Luminiscence is committed to the conservation and enhancement of French heritage by donating a portion of its proceeds to the restoration of the organs of Saint-Eustache, which are part of our common heritage.


The restoration project of the two organs of Saint-Eustache Church already benefits from significant support from major patrons, but there is still a portion of the budget to be raised by mobilizing the generosity of the public.

The goal of the restoration

After years of intensive use, the grand organ now requires extensive restoration.

This project will focus on modernizing the note transmission, improving wind stability, and reworking the harmony of the instrument.

In parallel, a reconstruction of the choir organ must be undertaken, and the project envisions the possibility of playing both organs from the nave console.

Luminiscence - Luminiscence in Paris at Saint-Eustache

Organizer's words

« Our mission is to preserve, transmit, and promote our history and heritage by valorizing iconic places that are part of our common heritage. We are proud to offer an artistic, immersive, and inclusive experience that allows the greatest number of people to discover the richness of our heritage, regardless of their age, culture, nationality, or religion. We hope that LUMINISCENCE will allow spectators to take a new look at Saint-Eustache Church in Paris by creating a unique emotional, memorial, and sensory connection. »

Romain Sarfati, Co-founder and CEO of LOTCHI.


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